Raise Finance For Your Business With An ICO

This list of ICO marketing activities is below:

1. Classic PR

press releases, interviews, Q&A

2. Banner advertising

display ads for extensive reach

3. Influential marketing

connect with opinion leaders.

4. Social media

connect with audience & opinion leaders

5. YouTube

tatements from founders, project introduction.

6. Bounty campaigns

referrals ‘showtime’

7. Placements in blogs

native advertising

8. Viral media

videos or pictures

9. Community marketing

you know, Bitcointalk.

10. Events

meetups, conferences etc.


  • Beginning from Scratch we can take projects run it right through to launch.

  • Design Tokens that have multiple dimensions of value, and create the conditions for a sustainable ecosystem.

  • Traditional and crypto-community Marketing Properties of Blockchain News, a popular portal for ICO and Blockchain Information.

  • Cryptocurrency-based social campaigns.

  • Crowdsource critical parts of the marketing and protocol analysis by rewarding the community for specific tasks.

  • We design effective bounty campaigns.